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As it is called, this university specializes in science and technology。 So to be frank, it is not as good as other universities like Yunnan university in terms of language. Besides it owns several campus in KM. I don't know which campus u are going to study in. But the campus in downtown is much better than new campus in Chenggong for study.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Tonghai or Mongol type knives

No idea where u can buy those knives in KM. But if you take a bus to Jianshui (建水) or Yuanyang (元阳), those coaches will always stopped by souvenir stores in Tonghai, where you can buy those knives (also rice wine) made by local people.

Forums > Living in Kunming > "The Dishonest Americans"

Never judge a person until u get to know him. I used to think American didn't value family as much as Chinese. I found I was wrong when I met my first American friend. What we have heard is not we have seen.


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Actually, there is a bus from Jianshui city area to swallow cave, which costs 10rmb. If taking the bus to Mengzi or Gejiu, you got to walk off the highway and walk nearly one kilometer to the gate. You can take the bus in the same station with those from kunming.
Confucius temple in Jianshui is the second largest of its kind in China, not the third if i am correct.

Young people are forgetting their history...right, how could i forget those history i have learned for more than ten years. It seems some people are really blamed young generation for being "foreign-oriented". It's like exposing badness to the other countries means young people don't love this country anymore. We young people do this because we are oppressed since going to the kindergarten. We can't go to a demonstration when the Olympic torch is grabbed, when those innocent sailor got killed on the Mekong River, when Diaoyu Island is possessed by Japanese... We can't do nothing but watch the gov saying:"We are always trying to settle disputes peacefully...".

Yeah, young people are lost. Do u know why? We do not dare to protest until our ordinary life is threatened.

About Marxism, Ian Fu, what China are doing now is really what Marx has said. You know much better than me.

The students are not only prohibited from involving in the protest, but they can't ask for a leave for every class, even if u are going to die. And if one is caught for going to the protests, he or she will be punished and will never ever get a chance to take a job in the gummint.

Gejiu is actually much more like a spring city than Kunming. The temperature ranges from 10 to 30 degree for the whole year. But it is too small without continuous ability to develop in the future. It may not a good place to work but absolutely a good place to spend the time when u are too old to go anywhere. Love it.

@Asanee, maybe I am too overgeneralized. I just helped my company to negotiate with three persons from Burma. Kind of Chinglish. Maybe just a coincidence.


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