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Forums > Living in Kunming > aikido training

Hello BennyBoy, your proposal sounds interesting.
We agree to have conversation, and maybe manage an oudoor practice as you said, if it's possible.
You can contact us, if you want. We are currently on vacation, and easily available.

Forums > Living in Kunming > aikido training

Arrived since a few weeks in Kun Ming.
My wife and I used to do aîkido. We'd like to know if there is a place here
where we can train.

I've heard in the past that there was an aîkido club but I don't where, and if it still exists?
Someone could have some information?


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This is not only a chinese problem.
I travelled in many European countries, as well as USA.
Books could be written about this issue, and photos to illustrate.
A lot of toilets around the world are worse than the dirtiest pigsty.

Please someone could explain me how to get there, as I am new in Kun Ming, and my Chinese not yet very good.
It seems according to Geezer that there are other buses to go to Guan Du?
I'm living center of Kun Ming, and I did not see the buses indicated in your previous post.
Thank you.



I don't understand why some people are so harsh with French Cafe.
I go there from time to time, and I've always been served correctly.
Everytime I say hello when I'm coming in, and talk friendly with fu wu yuan,even with the landlord lady.
No problem to mention. The food is good,and prices correct.
About smoke, I'm a non smoker, but I know where I put my feet, and I'm not complaining about. If anyone does'nt like, there are enough places around available.
There are few places in the area which,in my point of view, are completely overrated. But it seems polically incorrect to criticize some of them.