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I've lived in Kunming for 10 years and I hope to live here into the far future. I can find employment here without too much trouble. I have many friends here. I like the laid-back character to KM life. I've lived in other parts of China and they have their virtues, but I prefer to live here. (Why I prefer to live in China is another and longer story.)

Many of those complaining come from relatively comfortable well-to-do families in the US, etc., and are not used to frustration.


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It's only in S. China that potatoes are yang yu 洋芋 or foreign root. In the North, they are tu dou earth bean. Yunnan people eat more potatoes than in most parts of China, but they are definitely a major part of Dong Bei cuisine also.

As for storage, in the Andean Plateau of Peru and Bolivia, the homeland of the potatoe, people sun dry them or freeze dry them, much as Dong Bei people do with cabbages and onions at the beginning of Winter.

The Andes have many varieties which have never been taken elsewhere. Maybe the Chinese ag. authorities can change that!



I've stayed here many times over the years and been very satisfied. Central location, comfortable rooms, reasonable prices. Some might mind the noise from the Bad Monkey Bar across the street, but I've always been able to sleep. The staff is very helpful with bus tickets, excursion tickets and the like.


Does anyone know if this is still a going concern? Or destroyed by the fire?


One of my favorite places in Jing Hong! It's my landmark, the center of the hotel, restaurant, bike, etc., area. I discovered dark Beer Lao there!