Yuxi Normal University is located in one of the famous Top Ten Easygoing Livable and Environmentally Friendly Cities of Central Yunnan Province, Yuxi city, Nie Er’s hometown. It takes a root in Yuxi and adheres to the spirit of our university motto of truth, goodness, beauty and application. A central focus of the university is on standard education upholding the principle of people-first as well as those of reform and innovation. The large-scale cultivation of talented students caters to local and regional educational and economic demands. At the same time the university also attaches great importance on the inheritance and innovation of Yunnan National folk cultures. The university has been successively awarded the following honorary titles of: National Workplace for Culture, National School of Art Education and National Model Workplace for Tertiary-level Art Education in addition to these the university also won first prize in the assessment for the Yunnan Province University Graduates’ Employment Target for 11 consecutive years.

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  • NameYuxi Normal University
  • Address134 Fenghuang Lu, Yuxi
  • Phone(0877) 2052835
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Yuxi Normal University • 134 Fenghuang Lu

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YNU is a great option for people looking to immerse themselves in Chinese language while still not being too far removed from Kunming (1 hour by bus).