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Forums > Living in Kunming > Would you accept 150RMB/hour ?

The funny thing is while salaries have been going down, grocery items such as rice meat and vegetables and fruits have been on their way up, and are much higher than a couple of years back.

Forums > Living in Kunming > What to bring home from Kunming?

My dad's dog (tiny maltese) recently died and the old man's feelin' down, it's a gentleman's best friend as the English say or words to that effect.

I personally think that a nice Zang Ao (tibetan mastiff) puppy would be a great ice breaker in my particular FL neighborhood and companion for my 6'3 240lb pops.
Saving some money for vet certificates and crate on my next go. Dad's gonna love the puppy perhaps not so much when it gets bigger, lol, but I gonna tell him it's a mini breed, lol, so joke's gonna be on him (and perhaps on my pocket for forking a stupid amount).


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"I will not try to defend it or explain it"

That's bad PR/
He could at least have shown some sympathy and assure they would take measures to combat this is the future. Hmmm, bad news for junk fooders.

This discussion and the impossibility argument is obsolete. I was in Nanjing at the Zheng He museum, the site where the star fleet was built. They did recently find the rudder of one of the main ships and it is gigantic, it does indeed confirm the reported dimensions of the ship, being several times bigger than chinese caravels of the time. Notice: the vietnamese and other islanders natives from what is today the Philippines were the true pioneers of shipbuilding, from which the chinese learned how to construct their ships.

BTW, I agree with Bobbles and Liumingke; people who have no self-identity (the norm today) and get hold of power (guns) will try to emulate fiction as a way of developing an identity, even if it's a fictional or false one. Just wait until those police officer start acting like movie actors.

Again, to yankee: I read my posts again and couldn't pinpoint anything I said that was racist. Was it because I said that those gym rats have napoleon complexes (compensating for being short)? If so, get real, this is a worldwide phenomena.



Call before you go, I went there on thursday and there was no one in there,

I called one of the owners, and they said that they weren't going to open.

I lost my trip, I love the concept of the restaurant, No MSG and etc, but ended up having to pay for a cab ride and getting a growling stomach.

If the same thing happens to you, just go down the road until the road ends and the last 2 story restaurant across the street is very also decent. Order the sweet and sour fish and it also won't have any MSG.


No Bus to Chenggong from the airport, had to go downtown and get a 150 RMB taxi.

I mean isn't this a district of Kunming? Then why not make transportation available?

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