Closed January 30 - February 3, 2013

Come everyday for new tastes of China

- Quiet and Relaxing
- Comfortable Chinese home atmosphere
- Free Wi-Fi
- The dishes are Fresh, Clean and Healthy
- Authentic Home cooking
- There is NO MSG or second-hand oil in the food
- The taste is SO good
- We have TEN dishes everyday, using all EIGHT styles of Chinese cuisines
- You DON'T have to order in Chinese, we speak English and can recommend the best for you, just tell us spicy or not
- We have the BEST cocktails

Vegetarians and vegans are welcome!
Bringing TEN friends can get TWO FREE beers


1. fried tenderloin with bamboo, from the feast mixed with dishes of han and man minority, 28 yuan
2. Yuxiang rousi, from Sichuan cuisine, 22 yuan
3. Gulurou (fried pork), from Cantonese cuisine, 25 yuan
4. Fried lamb with scallion, from Lu (Shandong) cuisine, 35 yuan
5. Sweet and sour fish, from Benbang(shanghai) cuisine, 25 yuan
6. Braised bamboo shoot, from Zhe(zhejiang) cuisine, 18 yuan
7. Snow chichen (Chicken covered by rice), from Min(fujian) cuisine, 25 yuan
8. Lotus seeds with rock sugar, from Xiang (Hunan) cuisine, 5 yuan / bowl
9. Hong wu emperor toufu (toufu with pork and shrimp inside), 25 yuan.

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  • Name101 Homestyle Restaurant
  • Address85 Yuanxi Lu, Yuantong Yuan, block 2, unit 4, number 101, Kunming
  • MOBILE15288120573 (Jean), 13678778737 (Maggie)
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101 Homestyle Restaurant • 85 Yuanxi Lu, Yuantong Yuan, block 2, unit 4, number 101

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Call before you go, I went there on thursday and there was no one in there,

I called one of the owners, and they said that they weren't going to open.

I lost my trip, I love the concept of the restaurant, No MSG and etc, but ended up having to pay for a cab ride and getting a growling stomach.

If the same thing happens to you, just go down the road until the road ends and the last 2 story restaurant across the street is very also decent. Order the sweet and sour fish and it also won't have any MSG.


Pretty good, the girls are friendly and professional, hygiene is adequate, the kitchen is big enough for two students and a teacher, it took us an hour to get to the supermarket, buy food and get back, you could hire a taxi to save time. The food was pretty good, and the atmosphere was relaxed, and Maggie kindly emailed me the recipes we used afterwards.