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What to bring home from Kunming?

kulture (5 posts) • 0

Hi. What are the things (food or non food) that people tend to bring to their respective countries from Kunming? Any recommendations? Thank you.

AlPage48 (1392 posts) • 0

We took rose cakes and puer tea, both green and black (red).

I think the rose cakes is a bit of an acquired taste. I never used to like them but do now. We found my relatives in England were not fond of them, but since they're related to me they could learn to like them.
Just don't take too many.

kulture (5 posts) • 0

Thanks for the replies.

How about foodstuff like dried dates ?

Where is a good place to get reasonably priced tea or cakes (supermarket, maybe?), jewellery and clothing?

OceanOcean (1193 posts) • 0

In many stores you can buy a square box of fruit sweets with pictures of the "18 strange things of Yunnan" on it (I think it's 18). The candy is so-so, but the story that goes with it is nice (and it's not expensive!).

AlPage48 (1392 posts) • 0

For the rose cakes we bought from a bakery that makes them, in the north area just up from the bus terminal.
They were fresh from the oven.

GoK Moderator (5096 posts) • +2

Carrying mooncakes and exceeding the baggage limit spring to mind ;-)
Regarding dried fruits, dates are not from Yunnan. I am not sure if there are any restrictions for importing dried fruit in some countries.

Regarding ethnic clothing, a lot of the stuff sold in tourist areas is not genuine, and is churned out of factories; you can buy some of it almost anywhere/everywhere in China. That may or may not bother you.

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