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Forums > Living in Kunming > Hiking Parks Closed, Forest Fire Prevention Season

This morning I went to Changchongshan to go hiking and got turned away at the entrance. Only people sweeping family graves are allowed in. Personnel showed a sign indicating that the park and others like it are closed for fire prevention season 1 Dec 2015 to 15 June 2015.

I'm posting this to let people know. I did not try to talk our way in (which probably would have been futile), and I do not know if there are particular ways or occasions to go in if you want to hike or bike.

I am also curious: is this specific to Changchongshan, or does it apply to other areas like Xishan? (I noticed a previous thread indicating that Changchongshan had a fire several years back.) Is there anywhere one can one go to get out of the concrete jungle without leaving town?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Current Camera Repair Recommendations?

My camera has a lens blemish that I can't fix by wiping. Where do people go to get minor camera problems fixed?

My camera is a Canon Powershot, so I'd especially appreciate Canon-specific recommendations.

The threads on camera repair are all pretty old, so before going out to places that might not still be there, I'm starting a new thread, hoping that it will be of use to others as well.

Forums > Living in Kunming > extending period of multi-entry visa

Thanks for your responses! But to clarify, I am *NOT* trying to extend the *visas*. We would like to lengthen the period between required exits—that is, to change a multiple-entry visa with 90 days between exit-entries to 120 or 180 days between exit-entries.

There is plenty of total time on our visas, but leaving at or before 90 days would be difficult, so we want to be able to stay in-country for more than 90 days.

Has anyone on Go Kunming done this?

Forums > Living in Kunming > extending period of multi-entry visa

Yet another visa thread! I pored through several but didn't find what I need.

I just got to Kunming on a multiple-entry F visa, and my wife and daughter have multiple-entry L visas, all with 90-day periods. For work-related reasons, leaving by the 90-day date would be really inconvenient. In the past we've taken a quick trip to the border with Laos, but this time it won't be feasible. I've been told that it's possible to get that period extended. So here are my questions:

1) Have you done this? Is it possible?

2) How long can the period be extended?

3) Where do I go? Visa office on Beijing Lu?

4) What will it cost?

5) What else do I need know?


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Kevin wasn't joking when he said that Nizu might be incorporated into Pudacuo National Park. It is well within the boundaries of the park's long-term plan, which includes hiking trails and a road from Shudu Lake to bring tourist loads on the order of what's already happening in Pudacuo.

Tthat might change depending on how the local government gauges the growing market for 自驾旅游 independent tourists. But it's likely that Nizu will be incorporated, at which point there will be less visible trash, because Nizu residents will be employed by the park to pick it up, as in other Pudacuo communities. Of course, there would be other costs, environmental and otherwise.

We went to Changchongshan today (14 Dec 2014), and we were turned back at the upper gate. Guards showed us signs that indicating that for the fire prevention period, from 1 December 2014 through 15 June 2015. They would only let in people who were sweeping family graves further up the mountain.


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