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Current Camera Repair Recommendations?

DiMing (17 posts) • 0

My camera has a lens blemish that I can't fix by wiping. Where do people go to get minor camera problems fixed?

My camera is a Canon Powershot, so I'd especially appreciate Canon-specific recommendations.

The threads on camera repair are all pretty old, so before going out to places that might not still be there, I'm starting a new thread, hoping that it will be of use to others as well.

YerethYereth (110 posts) • 0

There's a shop on Huancheng Nan Lu, just east of Beijing Lu, on the north end of the street. They have a team of people in the back of the small shop that specialise in repairing and cleaning cameras.

There used to be 2 camera shops on that little strip. The first one (coming from Beijing Lu) sells mostly new camera equipment. Go to the second one. It doesn't look like much, but they know what they're doing.

I don't think they speak English.

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