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Forums > Living in Kunming > Tailor-made suit in Kunming?

Wait! You *can* get a good suit in Kunming. I got a great suit—my wedding suit, in fact—done a couple years back at a tailor on 螺蜂街 for Y1200. It was a well-made suit, and he was open to any specification you wanted to give him. A year later he made me a marvelous 中山服 coat for about Y800. It's on the left side going south from the 圆通街 intersection, maybe 2-300m south of Yuantong Street.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Pay-as-you-go iPhone plan?

I'm returning to Yunnan this weekend after a too-long hiatus, for a month. I have an unlocked iPhone and would like to get a pay-as-you-go cell plan. Since I'm there for a short time, the China Mobile plans that I used to get wouldn't make sense.

Anyone have advice on what plans exist and are good deals for someone who (1) will be there for 3 weeks; (2) may check email but will not be streaming media, so doesn't need a large data allowance; and (3) will be spending half of my time in rural areas pretty far from Kunming?


Forums > Living in Kunming > Electronics Disposal

Ah, yes, it is difficult to clean hard disks; I hope you folks figure that out. But since I want to recycle *power sources* and the cords that come with them—also a USB mouse that went kaput—I'm pretty sure I face no risk of information insecurity.

Let's try this again. Does anyone know where I can recycle electronics? Can I take them to some place at the tech stores on 121?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Electronics Disposal

I've got a couple of computer power sources that got fried in rural areas with spiky electricity. Does anyone know if there a place in town I can take them to where there's a reasonable chance they will be taken to a safe disposal facility as opposed to thrown into a dump to leach toxic chemicals into the soil? If so, could you tell me where it is?


Forums > Living in Kunming > Getting Internet Set Up

I just moved into a friend's apartment in Kunming, and before leaving he decided to change internet service providers, then disconnected his old service but didn't get to picking a new one. Previous postings make it look like we haven't much choice, but could anyone suggest providers or plans they find good--and provide contact information for the provider?

John Z


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Kevin wasn't joking when he said that Nizu might be incorporated into Pudacuo National Park. It is well within the boundaries of the park's long-term plan, which includes hiking trails and a road from Shudu Lake to bring tourist loads on the order of what's already happening in Pudacuo.

Tthat might change depending on how the local government gauges the growing market for 自驾旅游 independent tourists. But it's likely that Nizu will be incorporated, at which point there will be less visible trash, because Nizu residents will be employed by the park to pick it up, as in other Pudacuo communities. Of course, there would be other costs, environmental and otherwise.

We went to Changchongshan today (14 Dec 2014), and we were turned back at the upper gate. Guards showed us signs that indicating that for the fire prevention period, from 1 December 2014 through 15 June 2015. They would only let in people who were sweeping family graves further up the mountain.


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