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Forums > Travel Yunnan > over-limit baggage on domestic China flights

My wife and I are coming to Kunming from the U.S. next week. We fly to Pudong one night, then the next day take a flight on a separate itinerary to Kunming from Hongqiao, on Air China. We have 12 hours in Shanghai.

Since we're to be in Yunnan for a year, we're bringing a bunch of stuff -- fine for the international flight, but far above the Hongqiao-Kunming 20kg weight limit. Could anyone provide us with information on (1) what the excess weight fee is likely to be and (2) any ways of mitigating it?


Forums > Living in Kunming > Tailors in Kunming: Good Suits Fast?

I will be in Kunming for a short window of time (3-7 July) and would like to get a suit made if possible.

Does anyone know of a tailor who reliably makes good suits and would be able to do one in four days? I realize that this is a very short turnaround and would be willing to pay extra. Please email me or call 15887102403.

John Z


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Kevin wasn't joking when he said that Nizu might be incorporated into Pudacuo National Park. It is well within the boundaries of the park's long-term plan, which includes hiking trails and a road from Shudu Lake to bring tourist loads on the order of what's already happening in Pudacuo.

Tthat might change depending on how the local government gauges the growing market for 自驾旅游 independent tourists. But it's likely that Nizu will be incorporated, at which point there will be less visible trash, because Nizu residents will be employed by the park to pick it up, as in other Pudacuo communities. Of course, there would be other costs, environmental and otherwise.

We went to Changchongshan today (14 Dec 2014), and we were turned back at the upper gate. Guards showed us signs that indicating that for the fire prevention period, from 1 December 2014 through 15 June 2015. They would only let in people who were sweeping family graves further up the mountain.


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