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extending period of multi-entry visa

DiMing (17 posts) • 0

Yet another visa thread! I pored through several but didn't find what I need.

I just got to Kunming on a multiple-entry F visa, and my wife and daughter have multiple-entry L visas, all with 90-day periods. For work-related reasons, leaving by the 90-day date would be really inconvenient. In the past we've taken a quick trip to the border with Laos, but this time it won't be feasible. I've been told that it's possible to get that period extended. So here are my questions:

1) Have you done this? Is it possible?

2) How long can the period be extended?

3) Where do I go? Visa office on Beijing Lu?

4) What will it cost?

5) What else do I need know?

Silvio DaVinci (282 posts) • 0

Don't know for F and L visa. The names and codes have changed recently.
My suggestion: go past the visa-office in Kunming or call them to find out.

But what I heard is that most visa can be renewed for the same duration they were issued for up to 1or 2 times (also subject of the type of visa).
It's all in hands of the visa-officers really, so best is to ask them.

4) Cost: Seriously, don't trip over it. Same or less than you paid for your first visa.

5) Passphotos are made downstairs, outside on the left/right (best to make them before you go upstairs). They only cost like 12-18 yuan I believe (and can also be used when registering at the police station). They don't accept your own or outside passphotos anymore.
Call them to find out what else you need to bring.

Here's 2 numbers you can try calling: (0871)3146283 / (0871) 63143436

Here's the address:
118 Tuodong Lu (3rd floor)

Here on the website you can find it too:

HFCAMPO (3062 posts) • 0

The new office is located at 118 Tuodong Road - Directly across from the Kunming Museum - Bus stop - Shi Bo Wu Guan - Bus 1, 62, 109, 117, 145, 213, A1, K3 - Go to the third floor and ask as there have been many changes since July 2013.

AlexKMG (2387 posts) • 0

If you get an in country extension, you will most likely have your 90 day multiple replaced and cancelled by a new single 30 day extension, which cannot be renewed.

As for visa runs, you could always fly to Bangkok roundtrip same day or Shenzhen and use a land crossing for HK. Shenzhen has a 24 hour land crossing also.

DiMing (17 posts) • 0

Thanks for your responses! But to clarify, I am *NOT* trying to extend the *visas*. We would like to lengthen the period between required exits—that is, to change a multiple-entry visa with 90 days between exit-entries to 120 or 180 days between exit-entries.

There is plenty of total time on our visas, but leaving at or before 90 days would be difficult, so we want to be able to stay in-country for more than 90 days.

Has anyone on Go Kunming done this?

AlexKMG (2387 posts) • 0

That's pretty much impossible. But if you can pull it off, please report back. Who knows, maybe your extenuating circumstances will get a sympathetic ear. Free to ask them at the office anyways, but explain clearly as it's most likely a very infrequent request

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