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Forums > Living in Kunming > Where to buy kitchen cabinet handles?

In case anybody else would find this useful, I finally found kitchen cabinet handles and a lot of other stuff at these locations:

1) Take bus #9 to You Guan Qiao (油管桥). This market has cheap kitchen supplies ranging from woks and dishes to cabinets and major kitchen appliances. The middle indoor aisle has a limited supply of cabinet handles.

2) Take bus #64 to Shuang Long Qiao (双龙桥). That area has warehouses filled with electronics, cosmetics, and costume shops. A few blocks away in the basement of a really tall building, are lots of little shops that sell kitchen and bathroom hardware (towel racks, cabinet handles, door locks, etc.) My two favorites were: Yong Cheng (phone: 13888023238) and Hong Yu (13759591331). One was the cheapest, and the other had the highest-quality materials. I forget which was which.


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I went today. The "underwear models" were a few people walking around on stage in nightgowns (women) and Calvin Klein briefs (men). There was a museum exhibit containing ancient paintings, vases, tea pots, fans, etc. depicting various revealing acts.

In the sex toy sale area, there was a chair with two seats, one a stool that moved back and forth towards the other side. Also, there was a yoga ball with attached dildo for using in various positions, as well as a vibrator made of coiled wire for electric shocks.

The crowd was mostly middle-aged Chinese couples. Worth a visit if you have nothing better to do, but not as exciting as it sounds.


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