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2009 Kunming Sex Expo to open Saturday

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The 2009 Kunming Sex Expo (性博会) will open this Saturday, hoping to lure people away from nearby Green Lake Park with photos, artifacts and exhibits highlighting sex today and through the ages in China and the rest of the world, according to a Dushi Shibao report.

In addition to the expo's exhibits about sex, there will be a wide assortment of sex-related items on sale, from 30,000 yuan "happy love chairs" (欢爱椅) to "music-activated massage wands" (音乐律动按摩棒) to "remote-controlled electric water balls" (遥控电动水球).

The Kunming Sex Expo will also feature a stage area with underwear models, body painting performances and an eclectic selection of dance performances.

"At last year's Sex Expo, the male and female underwear models and body painting were highlights for visitors, right before every performance upwards of a thousand people were already packed in front of the stage," an expo organizer told reporters.

"In this year's Sex Expo the underwear show and body painting will be innovative and just as before will be one of the expo's bright spots."

One of the other programs in this year's Sex Expo include male dancers performing a "large-scale protoecological dance" (大型原生态舞蹈) using fruit as a metaphor for the physical maturation of humans. Other dance performances include an anti-drug dance and belly dancing.

The 2009 Kunming Sex Expo will take place daily from May 16 through 26 at the Yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Hall on Cuihu Xi Lu, across from the southwest corner of Green Lake Park.

Tickets are 20 yuan per person – elderly, students, the handicapped and groups of 10 or more can get in for 15 yuan per person.

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That could be interesting ;-). But a "Love Chair" for 30000 up? Wondering what this chair looks like....

"remote-controlled electric water balls",, I'm intrigued. I think Fried has a pair of those.

What hours is the Expo open?

@NinaC: no idea, the source article for this story didn't mention times or a contact number... i believe it was open from 10 am to 5 or 6 pm last year


I do not wonder what this chair looks like; I wonder whether it is for both male and female users and how it feels

I went today. The "underwear models" were a few people walking around on stage in nightgowns (women) and Calvin Klein briefs (men). There was a museum exhibit containing ancient paintings, vases, tea pots, fans, etc. depicting various revealing acts.

In the sex toy sale area, there was a chair with two seats, one a stool that moved back and forth towards the other side. Also, there was a yoga ball with attached dildo for using in various positions, as well as a vibrator made of coiled wire for electric shocks.

The crowd was mostly middle-aged Chinese couples. Worth a visit if you have nothing better to do, but not as exciting as it sounds.

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