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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Xi You Cave

Yes after the descriptions and Voltaire's comment I realize i was talking about another cave complex. A geological wonder may I add.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Xi You Cave

I am not sure of the name, but i visited a cave that was amazing. Starts on the same road to Stone Forest. Huge, several of them actually, you take boat rides by the caves, several waterfalls and like ski lifts to return you to the beginning.

In fact I never recommend or take any friend to the stone forest as this seems to me as much more interesting.
Unfortunately I have a driver friend local to that area that took me. I mean unfortunately for others trying to go. (Stone Forest Envy)...

Forums > Living in Kunming > Disgusting! FYI

I got a full ham. Well 2, delicious the first one, the second one I discovered with those worms. Huge size.
I told one of my Kunming friends and she rapidly came home to collect it. She said these worms were priceless for food... Not everyone waits for the worms to come... or so it sems

Forums > Living in Kunming > Hump route aircraft wing in Kunming

The wing the wheel and other things are in display in the hotel you mention yes. Hard to tell you where. I have their brochure. Email me and I will send you a copy of the brochure. It is in Chinese. Check my website for my email: airkmg dot com.
They do belong in the museum in Pianma, not there. Very sad story...

Forums > Living in Kunming > kUNMING AVG connections.

AVG Hostel number 1 is a protected building by the city of Kunming. It is across the street from the roller that is placed to mark the Km 0 of the Burma Road.

Also there is another protected building sandwiched between Jimabiji and Carrefour. This building is the same that appears in some of my dad's pictures. You can see the similarities, fun.

I was always a guess when I visited these places, so I do not know the address. However, I will find out and post soon.


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Amazing that you guys biked the Pianma road back to Luku (as the pilots called it). I get tired doing it in a comfortable car; too many curves.

The last CNAC living pilots nominated me Goodwill Ambassador to China for them. Not that it does me any good. However I take very serious the job. Specially when it comes to the plane in Pianma, or Pima as they used to call it.

My dad almost died in 1944 walking from Baoshan to Pianma to find Jim Fox's remains. He did it with Fletcher "Christy" Hanks and red Holmes (Red was Jim's lifelong buddy).

The plane in Pianma is CNAC number 53. It so happens to also be a C53 (another military model of the DC3). The plane should be called CNAC #53 and not C53 as most people do. There is a purposeful attempt to veil the true History of CNAC... You can find much more in www cnac53 dot org. We are also looking for CNAC #60 and when we find it we will not call it C47 or C53 depending on the generic aircraft model name, but CNAC #60. CNAC#53 should be the same.

By the way, in your picture titled "The top of the pass over the Gaoligong mountains" you have a Japanese gun emplacement. Christy would say "you could see the white of their eyes". My dad, a CNAC Hump pilot would fly over that pass; sometimes just 50 meters above the Japanese soldiers. Look to the right, to the left of the foot of the tower. It is a rounded and stone-made.

That part of China is my favorite. Thanks for the excellent article!

Hi, I am Diego Kusak. I needed to make a clarification.

We usually say "...AVG...disbanded in July of 1942, the majority of its pilots joined CNAC rather than return to the US military", but that is not an acurate statement.

The truth is that the majoirty of the pilots that stayed in China went to CNAC, but not the majority of all the pilots. Most returned to the US to positions in the military or civilian life that they had prior joining the AVG (for example as test pilots for the new airplanes being designed at the time).

The list I give here is not 100% acurate yet, but it gives an idea on how AVG ended.

Out 318 men and women that made the AVG in China:
95 were pilots.
Out of less than 95 original AVG pilots,10 were KIA and 7 died in other circumstances.
22 of the pilots were discharged for various reasons before the AVG was disbanded.
Out of the 56 pilkots left, 31 returned to their posts in the US or jobs they had prior to joining the AVG.
20 went to CNAC
5 stayed with the US military in China.

These are rough statistics. For example, one the of the pilots was POW in 1942 and scaped in 1945. Then he joined CNAC. So it is hard to make bold statements about this unique group of fighters.

A more acurate statement would be that "the majority of pilots that stayed in China did so in CNAC and not in the military."


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