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I'm pretty sure you'll have to go to the hospital to get this kind of medication. I think RU-486 is called 米非司酮. So asking about that should get you in the right direction if you're crazy enough to go without someone to translate for you. You should probably visit 计生办 or the 妇幼保健站. I'm not really sure on the Chinese terms as everyone is sleeping now :P

Forums > Living in Kunming > Part time work?

I want to move to Kunming for personal and business reasons. I lived in China for 3.5 years before, one summer in Tianjin, one year in Chuxiong, and about two years in Lijiang. My long term plans are to run a business with a friend from Lijiang, but for the short term I need to stay in Kunming for personal reasons.

My Chinese isn't fluent, but I have no problems living in an area where nobody speaks English. I was looking for a job with a work visa, but nothing over 4 hours per day.

My guess is I'll end up working at a private language school, but I guess it doesn't hurt to look for other jobs. Only problem is I don't like smoking so I think this excludes most work environments in China. That's one of the reasons I plan to start a business with my friend in Lijiang... smoke-free work environment...heh.

The salary doesn't really matter. I more or less just need the work visa. I would say anything that could pay for a 2 bedroom apartment with a small kitchen and bathroom would be plenty, or a 1 bedroom apartment with a living room that could fit a bed in it.



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I don't think high schools and universities are going to have a week long session of role-playing. It will be just another pamphlet given to students along with the current material, and then likely never be discussed in class beyond a few minutes.

Besides that, discussing family values in high school and college is a wee bit late. Heck, in my rural conservative hometown we started studying sex education in 4th grade.

Another point is that the English should probably be "addicted to" and not "mentally dependent on"

The layout seems a little unbalanced, but not bad. I think it's because some text that doesn't have it's own boxed in background seems lost, like it's just floating around. Forums need to be updated to have threaded posts.. a rating system would be great. Even if it would something as simple as marking posts as "troll/flame" or "off topic".

I think the shortage of water is of usable water. I've heard that Dianchi lake is so bad that they can't even use the water for industrial usage. So I'm guessing, or at least hoping the water they use is ok for grass, but not for drinking... probably sewage water.

haha... the schools "quarantine" is useless. Students regularly leave the school. There's even a path between the bushes where they leave.

Many students have already gone home. Supposedly they're all supposed to come back now and sit around to do nothing.

Plus they let everyone and anyone talk at the main gate.



Cheese tasted great. Much better than other pizza joints.


Excellent salad bar. Hamburgers are usually ok. The fancier dishes were a little lacking.

Giving it a 4 stars for the salad bar. If you were going there for "fine dining" then probably best to go somewhere else.

The store also has some nice imported food(though obviously Metro is cheaper for some things). The freshly baked goods are nice too.


Seems to be pretty hit or miss. First time I went there the pizza and hamburgers were great. 2nd time the pizza was terrible, and the hamburger was ok. 3rd time the pizza was ok, but people were smoking inside by the time we left. Guess the no smoking policy is not enforced.


Not bad. Pretty much what you would expect, but expensive for China.


Expensive, but decent bread. Other places are better, but not bad if you're in a hurry.