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Part time work?

Ouyang (243 posts) • 0

I want to move to Kunming for personal and business reasons. I lived in China for 3.5 years before, one summer in Tianjin, one year in Chuxiong, and about two years in Lijiang. My long term plans are to run a business with a friend from Lijiang, but for the short term I need to stay in Kunming for personal reasons.

My Chinese isn't fluent, but I have no problems living in an area where nobody speaks English. I was looking for a job with a work visa, but nothing over 4 hours per day.

My guess is I'll end up working at a private language school, but I guess it doesn't hurt to look for other jobs. Only problem is I don't like smoking so I think this excludes most work environments in China. That's one of the reasons I plan to start a business with my friend in Lijiang... smoke-free work environment...heh.

The salary doesn't really matter. I more or less just need the work visa. I would say anything that could pay for a 2 bedroom apartment with a small kitchen and bathroom would be plenty, or a 1 bedroom apartment with a living room that could fit a bed in it.


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