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Help please.

HELPME (1 post) • 0

Does China have the pill, the one where if you and your friend want to prevent an accident the next morining? If so where can I find it? As can be imagined I am you, new to Kunming, had to much fun, now in trouble, need pill.

PlEase Help if you can. If you can help please do.

Ouyang (243 posts) • 0

I'm pretty sure you'll have to go to the hospital to get this kind of medication. I think RU-486 is called 米非司酮. So asking about that should get you in the right direction if you're crazy enough to go without someone to translate for you. You should probably visit 计生办 or the 妇幼保健站. I'm not really sure on the Chinese terms as everyone is sleeping now :P

laotse (6 posts) • 0

may i suggest you just use condoms as the pill is not popular in china and thus so not so easy to find, also condom use dos not only protect you from having unwanted babys but some nasty soa's with i'm sure you dont want either ;-)

DavidPaulBuckley (1 post) • 0

U can get it at any pharmacy i think. im pretty sure. bi yun pian and they'll get the message, otherwise hillarious body language shud get the point across.

Guess ur not skippin town anytime soon, lol.

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