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... i do realise you'd still have to get the visa in kunming as when we were in ruili they told us we could cross there but couln't get the visa there, must be done in KM..but i dunno if that's changed

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I'll make this short and simple.. i wanna do a little trip to either laos or thailand overland.. i assume that'd make it much cheaper (and interesting) than flying..

so can i just get a visa for either country in kunming and hop on buses till i get to some border crossing and go over? or get the visa at the border crossing? (i'm nervous because when i was in ruili i found out you couldn't cross there to burma, luckily i was just asking..not actually planning to cross)

which country would you recommend based purely on easiness of getting in from yunnan overland and where to do it?

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I'm not expert on this and it's been 3 years since we did it..but I went with my Chinese gf (now wife) and she had no problems getting a vietnam visa..just filled out the app, gave her photos, passport, and cash. We did it all at the embassy in beijing.

..What i have heard though, but this is really old info, is that Chinese citizens CAN'T get visas upon arrival or in another country.. you have to do all your visas from within China.. maybe somebody can update me on whether this is still valid or not though..

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Myanmar Consulate

Mind if i add a question? haha

... I read on the review that you need to show your flight tickets..but what if you wanted to just go down to ruili and cross over there.. is that possible or can you only fly into burma?


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Totally agree with both the closing paragraph of the article and with Fried's comment's... it is a total Impressions LiJiang rip-off... but what else would you expect in China? I was just mentioning yesterday that I saw a couple stores selling those African djembe drums in Dali's Old Town now... if you've been to LiJiang then you'll know that almost every store there has been selling them for awhile so I guess the local business owners saw they were selling them in LiJiang so figured they'd copy and start selling them in Dali... Imagining Dali is the exact same thing on a much larger scale. Hey it's working for LiJiang so let's just copy them!

...I'm not getting down on China or the Chinese (i love them both), but why can't they just put as much effort into an original idea as they do to copying old ideas? Obviously copying is nothing new in China and nothing I need to point out to anyone reading this but c'mon!!! 370million rmb for Imagining Dali? I live in Dali and looking around I could certainly see a lot better uses for the money than a HUGE empty theater... Walk around the streets at night, you can clearly see that LiJiang has enough tourists to support Impressions LiJiang whereas Dali's tourist numbers are not even close enough to support Imagining Dali.. even if every single tourist in Dali went to the show every night it wouldn't fill that huge eye-sore! And how much are tickets? like 300rmb i heard? How many back-packing tourists in Dali are gonna drop that cash to see a simple dancing and folk music show?

...I think the gov't should have asked me first, I coulda told 'em it wouldn't work and saved them 370 million!!!
Chinese people: Cool. Chinese business men: retards who only got where they are through connections or underhanded ways with no emphasis at all placed on a little something we call 'competence' in the West


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