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Hi Shantelle

Xi shan (western hills) is definitely the place to go in Kunming for some culture and nature. There are several interesting temples hidden up there, such as the famous bamboo temple and dragon's gate. There are also all kinds of things to explore and i've run into everything from mushroom hunters to a prison camp up there! Just get a mountain bike and head up there. I'll be back in Kunming early September, happy to show you the way if you're around then.

As for overseas travel, the word is there is a direct train from the north train station to Hanoi in Vietnam. There is no overland border with Thailand - you can fly direct to Chiang Mai or Bangkok but this will cost.



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Top three sources of arrivals in Yunnan are Thai, Japanese and Korean. Yet all the big travel providers only operate in Chinese and English. Kunming-based is the only hotel booking system to have complete Thai, Japanese and Korean translations!


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