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Indoor climbing walls...

sickness (22 posts) • 0

Hi, me and my pal have had like a mission for almost a year now to find an indoor climbing wall in KM.
Recently I heard about one near the railroad somewhere near Yunnan Normal Univ. But the guy who told me went back to France before giving me a proper map...

Anyone with a clue where I can find this wall or another one would be highly appreciated. =)

Hox Huang (2 posts) • 0

I go to HongTa Sports center to play Ice Hockey every week, As I know they don't have any climbing walls around Hongta, but you can check www.climbingkunming.com/ for Red Point Cimbing Club. I have a friend who is a member of that club and he showed me their place once, not a very big one, but at least they got one.

sickness (22 posts) • 0

thx hox huang, i contacted one of the members there, and he/she said that they have a bouldering wall at the club center. their largest shoe size is apparantly 44 so i guess i have to squeeze a bit.

joming (11 posts) • 0

I noticed a really high indoor climbing wall on the 5th floor open space of Joy City. The wall is 26 meters high . A portion of the wall on the left side is more kids friendly.

The company that runs it is TNS攀岩馆 which you can find more info on WeChat. TNS stands for The Natural School.

Picture of the wall:



Joy City Shopping Center (大悦城) address: 618 Huancheng Nan Lu

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