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Forums > Travel Yunnan > High-speed train from Kunming to Dali

This will be from the new south station then, instead of from the old central station from now on? For those who don't live in Chenggong, it is almost a long distance journey to get to the long distance station! Still, the high speed of the rail journey still will make it an overall shorter trip.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Driving to Chiang Mai, Thailand

i think the rule was that if you drive and enter Thailand, you are only permitted to drive in the province that you enter. So it might still work for Chiang Mai, but need to check.


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So that is the poster that says in English: "Wickedness, Clean Environment, Stability, Safety". Surely they could afford to give somebody here a bit of pocket money to check their wording? Unless they really want to disclose their motivation as Wickedness?

The article from the UK Telegraph that refers to the perpetrators "attempting to leave China to join jihad" states that the Chinese website that quoted these comments from Qin later deleted them. What would that mean, that the authorities are backpedalling from that theory? Or want to suppress it? Or that it was too unsubstantiated?

No-one said that faith excludes intellect or logical analysis. Creationists also use logical analysis. But since evolutionism has not been "proved" with "finality", the question is still open. And creationists use intellect, but not as the only string to their bow.


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