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File sharing in China

Niconanhai (30 posts) • 0


i wonder if there is a working file sharing system in China.
Normally i use Dropbox, but that is not working here.
Is there an other system to use if you want to share files?

Kind regards,


Yereth (77 posts) • 0

Dropbox is working most of the time, but admittedly it can be very slow without using a proxy / VPN. It doesn't work at all for you at the moment?

Niconanhai (30 posts) • 0

No, it does not open the homepage of dropbox, i already have an account with dropbox witch i used in Holland, but in China i can not open it.
Most likely the firewall is stopping me.

I have i file to send to somebody from this forum, but it is 800 mb of size, so i am looking for a way to do this.

Any help is very welcome.

Danmairen (510 posts) • 0

I send smaller files over Skype, but with the GFW and the general standard of net speed here, an 800 MB file would probably take 3-4 days.

Yereth (77 posts) • 0

Apple iCloud, Microsoft SkyDrive or Ubuntu One may work, depending no what system you're on. All of them have a free plan to start with, if I'm not mistaken.

nnoble (889 posts) • 0

Small files, I use Wunderlist. It's cross platform and dependable.
PS Just realised the date of the previous post. How come threads like this occasionally appear in the side menu from five years ago?

tigertiger - moderator (5080 posts) • +3

How it happens. If someone posts in an old thread it brings it to the top. If the post is then deleted (usually because it is spam) the thread stays in place, less the new post.
I am guessing there was spam for some file sharing platform.

Niconanhai (30 posts) • 0

I don't know, but there was information on a site that allowed file sharing in China, something like Dropbox.
I looked at the site from the post and it looks promising, i am not in China right now, but i will sure try it out as soon I return.
It will be helpfull for many users and I dund understand why it was deleted.

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