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Forums > Living in Kunming > Where can I watch Barcelona-Madrid?

Another gift by the refs. In the last 5 games Mourinho has played Barca they have finished with 10 men. Also Van Persie getting sent off for time wasting while down a goal was a travesty. For one of the greatest teams to ever play the game to get this preferential treatment is ridiculous.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Where can I watch Barcelona-Madrid?

I am not feeling that well so I will not be staying up to watch the game this week. I have watched the last 2 and will definitely be showing next weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you have a decent internet connection go to and download soapcast you should have no problems watching at home. Good luck and hopefully it will be worth staying up for.


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Salvador's has always been an oasis of proper management and good food in Kunming. They have a substantial menu so not everything is perfect. The variety allows you to not get bored. The mediterranean wrap, pasta, tomato cheese melt especially with pesto are great and it's the best price for cocktails in China. BillDan glad you are back slagging restaurants and that you know wraps just like you knew mexican food you hadn't eaten. He is correct that the bun on the hamburger can be hit and miss. All together a solid place in a land of mediocrity.


Went with 5 people to compare Indian restaurants. The lamb roganjosh was interesting while the chicken tikka and the yellow dahl were both well done. But the chicken khorma, mutter mushroom, the black bean dahl and spicy chicken mushroom soup were all bland and not worth finishing. Plus the tea came at the end of the meal. Substituting hotness for complexity of flavor does not a good restaurant make. Would rather go down the street to eat Indian.