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Where can I watch the Stanley Cup playoffs!

andcope (9 posts) • 0

I'm a Canuck looking for a hockey fix. Does anyone know where one can watch a hockey game in Kunming? If there are other fans out there it would be great to get together! Go Vancouver!

tigertiger - moderator (5092 posts) • 0

That would be really cool.
I am not a Canuck but I was out in Canada in the hazy days of early 80's when Gretsky was the God, the Oilers ruled, and every game began with 'Axle F'. And life was accompanied by Sicks or Labbat's. And in Alberta local TV was sponsored by either Hires Root Beer or Parr's Funeral Homes

andcope (9 posts) • 0

Alright, so far that makes a party of three. Let's get the word out and get this going (everyone is welcome!). But as lovesiwo said ... Anyone know where we can watch? Maybe we need to find a satellite powered cafe. I'm very new to Kunming (3 weeks), so don't know what's out there. Anyone...anyone...Bueller...Bueller.

NathanW (2 posts) • 0

What kind of quality do you think you'd get from streaming?

I'm pretty sure you can pay to stream it, can't you? So a prospective bar would just have to have fast internet rather than satellite TV or something.

Good luck with that! Haha ... over here, I'd be surprised to find a bar that didn't have the games on.

andcope (9 posts) • 0

Lucky man, Nathan. Enjoy the party!

I've thought about streaming, but it can be pretty sketchy over here sometimes, even with a fast stream... at least in my experience. It will be a last resort, but I'm hoping for better quality.

SSeminari (16 posts) • 0

I'm from vancouver, went to university in Montreal, and have been watching hockey all my life. If there's enough of us, and if we have enough guanxi with some bar's owner, we could convince them that it would be worth their while to put the game on, that it could attract a big enough crowd. Anyone know anyone?

lovesiwo (30 posts) • 0

lazy bones might be able to stream it and use the projector? saw an aussie rules game there the other week that they were kind enough to stream for me. unfortunately the connection might be a bit freezy..

andcope (9 posts) • 0

Freezy is better than no Hockey at all. How many people in this thread will go to watch the games(knowing that attending ever game is not possible)? We might start a Hockey Night in China at Lazy Bones if we get enough people out. Have you spoken to them about the possibility? I've not been yet, so don't know where it is. Could you post the address? Cheers.

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