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Forums > Food & Drink > Healthy options - identity crisis.

If I may add 2 cents it would in the line of what Marco Polo wrote, but maybe with a slightly different angle... eat "real" food. Avoid processed foods (western fast foods).
The reason why so many Americans are overweight is not over eating, but eating foods that have been so processed that our bodies just dont know how to use it and it winds up as fat instead of usable energy and building blocks for muscle, bone, etc.
I don't know (or understand) your avoidance of Chinese foods. If you eat in the small back-street restaurants (especially in direct connection to a farmers market) you will get wonderful healthy real food, with slow carbs and lots of nutrients (and in my opinion) great flavors. My body never feels as great as when I am in China and eating real food.
Good luck!

Forums > Living in Kunming > How to please a man

The reasons can be many. He can be insecure or nervous. The reason isnt necessarily you.
Its difficult to give generic suggestions. Experiment with caressing him in different ways and places (also in a non-sexual way). And Id say you should ask him to teach you what he likes (and you teach him what you enjoy).
Good luck!

Forums > Living in Kunming > teeth cleaning in kunming? should I?

I had a root canal done at Huiying. Great job, friendly polite and helpful staff and very good price.
As I opted to use plastic filling rather than a crown, it landed on 560 rmb. I actually flew from Sweden to KM to have it done at Huiying. The cost of dental work is so high in Sweden, it actually costed me less or the same to fly to KM to have it done, as it would cost to have it done in Sweden. So I got a months free holiday, so to say.
Id do it again in a heart beat, the next time I get an acute need.


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Buck, thank you for the concern and the info.
I was trying to be witty. But I am glad you care enough to raise the issue anyhow. :)

As Moutai is made of sorghum, I guess it can contain levels of hydrogen cyanide and nitrates depending on what kind of sorghum used and at what stage its harvested. But who knows what els they add... thinking of that manufacturers of milk powder can add melamine cyanurate to fake protein levels, people making counterfeit booze (or even the real thing) could add God knows what.

An alternative is to brand it "almost" the real thing, and sell it cheap. Same as they take Apple and brand it Aepple or aPad instead of iPad.
That way, they can make some money, stay out of jail, and let us know that we buy "almost" the real thing at less price. So why not sell "Hernessy", "Martill cognacs", "Johny Wakler" and "Aboslut Vodka" (or why not "Almost Vodka")?
As long as its cheap, tastes ok, gets me drunk and doesnt make me blind, Im happy.
The one thing I have had a hard time getting acclimatized to, is the flavor of the hard liquor in China. Sure, I can get plastered for 10Y on traditional Chinese vodka, but it tastes really bad to my palate. Sorry, but the local liquor tastes like badly perfumed industrial cleaning liquid. But hey, its cheap and can be bought at any small kiosk late at night when I cant sleep. :)

First time in KM, I heard him sitting a block down from the Children's Hospital. I have some wonderful photos of him, and last time there I was hoping to find him to give him a print out.

Maybe his repertoire isnt my favorite of the Erhu-classics, but it was really nice listening to him regardless. A handsome man (very photogenic), friendly and a joy to hear him play un-amplified. I just can't stand those who take an erhu and shove through a cheap small portable combo-amp with lots of distortion, even if they do play my favorite erhu-classics.



Dear Sam_KM,

I am very impressed by your response to ben-g. Your openness and attitude gives me a very good feeling towards you and your café.

I usually never go to cafés, and I am sadly not in KM now. But next time I come (soon, I hope) I will absolutely visit Dune Cafe and I will also recommend in advance my Chinese friends in KM to visit your café.

Best of luck!