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How to please a man

goodiie (1 post) • 0

I apologize in advance if this is an annoying topic for some people, but I really need some help.

Are there certain part on a guy's body to stimulate to make a guy have plenty of pleasure? I'm seeing this guy, everything else is perfect but in bed he couldn't feel much pleasure of his own, and he try to hold up to last longer, is it bad for him? Also I'm worried that soon he will think I'm a big sucker becaus I couldn't give him much pleasure, any suggestion would be greatly appreciate.

onelegged (28 posts) • 0

Maybe just relaxing about this problem will make it go away after awhile. Trying different roles (active/passive) and different positions might be good too. Sometimes guys worry too much about performance and if the woman expects the guy to just get on top of her and do everything than this can make this worse- both people should be active unless they know they prefer otherwise. Again, this seems like it often goes away as the couple gets more comfortable over time and finds their rhythm .

Ok, this counseling session is over, now pay me 500 rmb cash, or, we can bill your insurance..

Dazzer (2813 posts) • 0

I would be very surprised if this is not a troll.

If it is not a troll, what I would suggest is that the most important sexual organ is the brain. Maybe, he just isn't interested in you that way.

Maybe he is trying the 'friends with benefits' thing, which not everyone is cut out for.
Especially true if this is the beginning of your relationship.

PerNordin (50 posts) • 0

The reasons can be many. He can be insecure or nervous. The reason isnt necessarily you.
Its difficult to give generic suggestions. Experiment with caressing him in different ways and places (also in a non-sexual way). And Id say you should ask him to teach you what he likes (and you teach him what you enjoy).
Good luck!

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