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Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming vs. Chinese and East Asian cities

I feel a lot of what sgnguy is saying as far as his criticisms of asian cities. These kind of deep problems and also all the inconveniences can weigh on you. At the same time, as AllPage said, it is a matter of personal taste and of priorities.

For example, I for one totally despise central and western Canada (anglo Canada) as the most culturally barren, socially cold, spiritless, stingy, and generally boring places. I have been (particularly Vancouver). People there may have more freedom, but it seems to me that they do nothing with it. In fact, people immigrate there from all over the world, every language and background is represented. But they seem to just kind of leave it all behind when they immigrate, trading it in for exciting activities such as shopping, aerobics, watching tv and walking their dogs.

More than that I found communication in Canada hard to navigate, kind of passive aggressive, like in some parts of Asia. Sorry, to be so blunt but it just goes to show that "one man's treasure..." etc
That said, I am sure that if you fell down on the street in any Canadian city, people would help you without a second thought.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming vs. Chinese and East Asian cities

This is from an ex-pats view, but anyone welcome to chime in.

How do you compare the pros and cons of living in Kunming to other cities?

Chengdu? Qingdao? Xiamen? Nanjing? etc.
Or the big 3 (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou)
And how about versus cities in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, etc?

I would say that Kunming is less snobby than some of the big 3, as well as having cleaner air, and easier access to outdoors and small towns.

It is also less expensive. That said, it is way more boring and isolated.
I guess I would say it is less friendly than the big 3 as far as people being comfortable with foreigners and people being social with strangers on a deeper level (conservative here), but still more friendly in other ways.

Compared to Chengdu, people here are more scared of or deal less with outsiders (including Chinese outsiders), and the ex-pat community is smaller, less jobs, worse food,and it has less resources.
But I would still rate Kunming higher because of superior weather, less sprawl, less air pollution, and a bit more spirit in the people.

The main issues I would warn prospective expats about here would be lack of job opportunities/low pay, ugly architecture (except green lake area etc.), all the normal china issues, and general boredom.

But I would recommend this place to people who really value good weather, manageable level of urban sprawl, slow pace of life, moderate cost of living, and would like to know more about ethnic minorities.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Fish from Dianchi Lake?

Swedish guy,

Its time for some tough love (and we do love many things Swedish).

What the hell are you doing letting your pregnant wife eat any Chinese fish on a regular basis, let alone from Dian-chi lake?!!!!?!!!

You have a responsibility for that babies life and your wife's health too.

This thread shouldn't be necessary!!

Scout out some decent sources for fruits, veggies, meats, dairy around Kunming. You may have to pay a bit more, but why risk your family's health?

Forums > Food & Drink > Healthy options - identity crisis.

I am wondering if this thread might lead to some crazy laowai opening up the first healthy, paleo-style, restaurant in Kunming. Can you imagine, organic yogurt? grass fed beef? salads with several kinds of hearty greens and a dozen veggies in them? Berries? Squash lasagna and sauteed mushrooms? Breads made with almond or walnut flour instead of wheat?

That would be pretty amazing. Usually owners like to equate vegetarian with healthy because it cuts down on costs, and is easier to prepare while keeping things sanitary. Also there is still the myth that vegan and veggie diets are better for the earth, so this is a big marketing point.
Meanwhile, white rice, beans, corn, flour, lettuce and other less than nutritious staples make up the bulk of those overly starchy dishes labelled vegetarian.

Forums > Living in Kunming > How to please a man

Maybe just relaxing about this problem will make it go away after awhile. Trying different roles (active/passive) and different positions might be good too. Sometimes guys worry too much about performance and if the woman expects the guy to just get on top of her and do everything than this can make this worse- both people should be active unless they know they prefer otherwise. Again, this seems like it often goes away as the couple gets more comfortable over time and finds their rhythm .

Ok, this counseling session is over, now pay me 500 rmb cash, or, we can bill your insurance..


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Entertainment: Best Night Club

Is obviously deranged, they are the biggest load of shit ever, wake up people!

Agree! That shit is horrible.



Good music (very good actually), fresh food, nice decorations. Not very spacious, but on the other hand that also makes it a bit cozy. Pizza is pretty good, yogurt and chocolate are made in the shop.

Not the cheapest, but affordable to be sure, and a better bargain than most places around wen lin jie. And unlike some places, you won't get anything insulting or shocking on your plate. If the menu says salad, you will get a salad, if the menu says pizza, you will get a pizza- not a miniature cake with ketchup and fruit melted on to it. An actual pizza that you will want to eat. They also have good beer.


I know this place very well.

Here is the breakdown.

Super friendly, sincere, staff who do care about you.

Good greasy spoon breakfast for the masochistic.

Best salad in Kunming.

Reasonably priced lunches.

Nice selection for Korean food.

Some nice fish, steak, etc.
They have decaf coffee, if you feel like a very late coffee.

Friendly atmosphere and lots of natural light.


Sandwiches are mostly bread, white bread, with little inside.

Almost every beef dish is murdered by excessive cumin.

Deserts are too sweet, heavy, and not well made.

Pizza, breakfast sausage, enchiladas and burgers are all pretty nasty. Not so good.

Dry environment is a bit plain and they often play music such as Air Supply type stuff, that can be really annoying.

The waiters, are a bit incompetent and don't realy know it. They always forget something. You just have to remind them, and everything will be ok, but still...

Conclusion: I would only go out of my way to eat here for the salad bar at dinner time-very good! Otherwise, I would come here often if I lived nearby. If not living nearby, and not a salad person, it would be an ok place to eat, but not a must.