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I met mike in Hawaii just before he went to china in 93-94.We had like interests and i was invited to bike though the golden triangle.Well i couldnt get visa i was waiting to be discharged from army(matter of months), I remained good friends with mike and made sure we hooked up every year when he came back through hawaii on his yearly trip.To say the least i was deeply sad on getting the news of his passing. He was a person with a vigor for life,inspirational,uplifting,go getter, good friend, I can picture his hawaii stories.He is greatly missed,I am glad my kids got to meet him and we all ride bikes!!He has inspired me in ways that only a good friend can. Aloha Keith


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I met mike in hawaii 93-94 before he went to china.He was a good friend always uplifting despite any circumstances. I made a point to meet up every year he was say the least i was deeply sad at his passing.
We attended the Taj mahal concert in pahoa. Great show. He still has a positive influence in my life today, forgive my not posting sooner. He will always be remembered as a go getter, positive will try,can do attitude,good friend,inspirational, humble and a lover of life and adventure.

He is missed greatly! I can imagine his hawaii stories. I could write pages of fun and good times with Micheal. On his way to china he met someone who was losing their farm for money reasons, He lent this guy $15,000 basically most of his travel money to help save the the farm! This guy paid him back, and the farm was saved ! i hooked up just about every year till his passing it was always something to look forward to. well its sunset in Kona and I am going on a bike ride with my oldest son for a swim and watch the sun set . Aloha Keith


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