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There's a lot of garbage in the world.

But we were his friends and he was our friend.

As far as I'm concerned, that's all you get.

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Mike was a great guy who found a way to include this broken down old man into his circle of friends when I felt like the lone-man-out. He was always open to a good joke or story or just to make a new friend. I can't count the times he would ask me, "What do you think about this t-shirt idea....?" He was always thinking of new ways to market his products and make a sale. I never knew Mike to say anything harsh or untoward against anyone. He was too interested in affecting other peoples lives in a positive way to get caught up in all of the negative that we find in the world.
I heard a story once about 2 small girls that were walking down a railroad track holding hands. One girl's foot became stuck in the tracks. After a short while, a train started bearing down on them and soon both children were dead. The next day the newspaper headlines read,

"One girl held by the foot, the other held by love." The second little girl could have let go of her friends hand and run away to safety but her love for the other girl would not allow her abandon her friend. When I think about what happened here with Mike and Li LiMei, I can only think that the love they had one for another held them together even unto death. If we could only find more friends like that we would all be rich beyond measure.

I Love you Mike and Li Li,

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Other links of interest...

> 这里是昆明都市时报关于Michael的报道
> www.clzg.cn/dssbpap/2007-08/29/content_894129.htm
> ,你点击"漂流弥勒3人失踪",其中Michael的名字被写
> 成了中文" 迈克儿"(mai4ke4er2)
- - - - - - - -
There are some words here written by the Uyghur musician Hong Qi in Beijing:

- - - - - - - -
In memory of Michael Sutherland:

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I met mike in Hawaii just before he went to china in 93-94.We had like interests and i was invited to bike though the golden triangle.Well i couldnt get visa i was waiting to be discharged from army(matter of months), I remained good friends with mike and made sure we hooked up every year when he came back through hawaii on his yearly trip.To say the least i was deeply sad on getting the news of his passing. He was a person with a vigor for life,inspirational,uplifting,go getter, good friend, I can picture his hawaii stories.He is greatly missed,I am glad my kids got to meet him and we all ride bikes!!He has inspired me in ways that only a good friend can. Aloha Keith

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