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Blackra1n was originally a tethered jailbreak solution, but that is no longer the case. I just recently jailbroke and then unlocked (with blacksn0w). Very easy. For instructions (one among many places) is:

To download the software just go to the following link and start by clicking on Apple or Windows:


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Finally got around to taking this trip. Still very cheap (5 kuai for the entire morning: Kunming North - Wangjiaying; Wangjiaying-Kunming-Shizui; Shizui-Kunming North).

@opper I think you could probably take anything you wanted on that train and they'd not care.

This is an incredibly interesting post — both informative and inspirational. The photos were equally high quality.

So the single wrong note in your otherwise eloquent report caught me cold:

We are "treated to a few cheery zhaxidele (扎西德勒)"? Hmm, is that a bit like being told "三颗药为你马吃"— An American greeting equivalent to "Thank you very much?"

I think instead what you heard was tashi delek "བཀྲཤིསབདེལེགས (bkra shis bde legs)"

Demonstrating such a level of adventurousness and expertise this criticism is on many levels misdirected, as I am sure you did this for the Chinese-speaking reading audience but perhaps a bit of sensitivity to the actual Tibetan speakers is equally justified?

The train is back to its former *full* schedule (beginning Aug 15, 2014).

8861 - Kunming North (昆明北站) to Wangjiaying (王家营)

7:31 departs Kunming North (昆明北站)

8:39 arrives Wangjiaying (王家营)

[~40 minutes before return journey begins]

8862/3 - Wangjiaying (王家营) to Kunming North (昆明北站)

9:24 Wangjiaying (王家营)

10:34 Kunming North (昆明北站)

11:31 Shizui (石咀)

[~20 minutes before return journey begins]

8866 - Shizui (石咀) to Kunming North (昆明北站)

11:51 Shizui (石咀)

12:43 Kunming North (昆明北站)

8869 - - Kunming North (昆明北站) to Wangjiaying (王家营)

17:20 - Kunming North (昆明北站)

18:28 - Wangjiaying (王家营)

[~30 minute until return journey]

19:00 - Wangjiaying (王家营)

20:07 - Kunming North (昆明北站)


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