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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Laos visa

Just an update on those who want to get a visa for Laos from the consulate here in Kunming. The new consulate has moved out to has moved to Foreign Consular Area:

Consulate- General of the Lao P.D.R

6800 Caiyun Bei Road,

Guangdu district.


I never got anyone to answer the phone, but they will process your visa (need two photos, your passport and filled out form). In fact it is cheaper and easier to do it at the point of entry upon arrival. And they only give you an hour window to pick it up so without your own transportation it is a pain to get out there.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > city buses to new long-distance bus stations

The Kunming Bus website (if you read Chinese) is useful if a bit clumsy to use:

Not your original question, but thought I'd add it nonetheless. To get to the West Station (Xibu Keyunzhan ) one option is to take the #82 from Nanping Jie (right at the center of town). Since it entails going from one end (zhongdian zhan) to the to other (in Majie) it is relatively easy to get on with a backpack or small suitcase. The station is about 100 meters on the left (exiting from the bus).

The official bus site actually will give the wrong result if you type in "xibu keyunzhan"(西部客运站) instead type in "xishan qiche keyunzhan" (西山汽车客运站)

Forums > Living in Kunming > iPhone usage in KunMing

@GreginChina Can I just say that your knowledge about the iPhone is staggering and your willingness to share is really tremendous and much appreciated.


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Finally got around to taking this trip. Still very cheap (5 kuai for the entire morning: Kunming North - Wangjiaying; Wangjiaying-Kunming-Shizui; Shizui-Kunming North).

@opper I think you could probably take anything you wanted on that train and they'd not care.

This is an incredibly interesting post — both informative and inspirational. The photos were equally high quality.

So the single wrong note in your otherwise eloquent report caught me cold:

We are "treated to a few cheery zhaxidele (扎西德勒)"? Hmm, is that a bit like being told "三颗药为你马吃"— An American greeting equivalent to "Thank you very much?"

I think instead what you heard was tashi delek "བཀྲཤིསབདེལེགས (bkra shis bde legs)"

Demonstrating such a level of adventurousness and expertise this criticism is on many levels misdirected, as I am sure you did this for the Chinese-speaking reading audience but perhaps a bit of sensitivity to the actual Tibetan speakers is equally justified?

The train is back to its former *full* schedule (beginning Aug 15, 2014).

8861 - Kunming North (昆明北站) to Wangjiaying (王家营)

7:31 departs Kunming North (昆明北站)

8:39 arrives Wangjiaying (王家营)

[~40 minutes before return journey begins]

8862/3 - Wangjiaying (王家营) to Kunming North (昆明北站)

9:24 Wangjiaying (王家营)

10:34 Kunming North (昆明北站)

11:31 Shizui (石咀)

[~20 minutes before return journey begins]

8866 - Shizui (石咀) to Kunming North (昆明北站)

11:51 Shizui (石咀)

12:43 Kunming North (昆明北站)

8869 - - Kunming North (昆明北站) to Wangjiaying (王家营)

17:20 - Kunming North (昆明北站)

18:28 - Wangjiaying (王家营)

[~30 minute until return journey]

19:00 - Wangjiaying (王家营)

20:07 - Kunming North (昆明北站)


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