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If you are interested in more recent "history" Zhang Li wrote a wonderful book:

In Search of Paradise: Middle-Class Living in a Chinese Metropolis

ZHANG Li, who is originally from Kunming and now a professor of anthropology at UC Davis, offers a quite interesting analysis of the real estate market in Kunming and puts it in a larger context of other trends

Forums > Food & Drink > Famous noodle shop near city centre?

Sounds like Jianxinyuan (建新园) on Baoshan Jie (宝善街). But that is closer to Nanping Jie pedestrian mall than Jinbi Guangchang.

Though technically part of a chain, this one is far and away the best (and original, I believe) though I think waiting 2 hours is clearly an exaggeration. Tiny seating area so at meal times there is long lines and no where to sit. I often go mid-afternoon with no wait and plenty of seats. Or if you get Across the Bridge Noodles you can eat up stairs.

Forums > Living in Kunming > GoKunming redesign: we want your input!

1) Keep doing what you do best - local content that is useful and of interest to the local expat and English-speaking Chinese community.

2) Offer more systematically local resources relating to the needs of the local expat and English-speaking Chinese community both the tools (like maps, directions, how-to-guides of short trips) and perhaps more "official" reviews of clubs/restaurants/university language programs.

3) Perhaps clean up/consolidate the menus so that it is easier to go deeper into the site faster (with the minimum of clicks)

4) And make the search function a be more precise

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Dali to Myanmar

The overland border has opened and closed for individual tourists during the past year with it currently being closed but could be open again soon. There are direct flights to Yangon and Mandalay with those to Rangoon being slightly cheaper (mid-$500+/rt range). Kathmandu while a lovely city, besides not being in Myanmar, it is no easier and currently more expensive than either.


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Finally got around to taking this trip. Still very cheap (5 kuai for the entire morning: Kunming North - Wangjiaying; Wangjiaying-Kunming-Shizui; Shizui-Kunming North).

@opper I think you could probably take anything you wanted on that train and they'd not care.

This is an incredibly interesting post — both informative and inspirational. The photos were equally high quality.

So the single wrong note in your otherwise eloquent report caught me cold:

We are "treated to a few cheery zhaxidele (扎西德勒)"? Hmm, is that a bit like being told "三颗药为你马吃"— An American greeting equivalent to "Thank you very much?"

I think instead what you heard was tashi delek "བཀྲཤིསབདེལེགས (bkra shis bde legs)"

Demonstrating such a level of adventurousness and expertise this criticism is on many levels misdirected, as I am sure you did this for the Chinese-speaking reading audience but perhaps a bit of sensitivity to the actual Tibetan speakers is equally justified?

The train is back to its former *full* schedule (beginning Aug 15, 2014).

8861 - Kunming North (昆明北站) to Wangjiaying (王家营)

7:31 departs Kunming North (昆明北站)

8:39 arrives Wangjiaying (王家营)

[~40 minutes before return journey begins]

8862/3 - Wangjiaying (王家营) to Kunming North (昆明北站)

9:24 Wangjiaying (王家营)

10:34 Kunming North (昆明北站)

11:31 Shizui (石咀)

[~20 minutes before return journey begins]

8866 - Shizui (石咀) to Kunming North (昆明北站)

11:51 Shizui (石咀)

12:43 Kunming North (昆明北站)

8869 - - Kunming North (昆明北站) to Wangjiaying (王家营)

17:20 - Kunming North (昆明北站)

18:28 - Wangjiaying (王家营)

[~30 minute until return journey]

19:00 - Wangjiaying (王家营)

20:07 - Kunming North (昆明北站)


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