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Forums > Study > To get study visa

I think Keats and KCEL could provide X2, you could contact them.
As for universities, they never answer questions by emails, you need to contact them by phone.
I could help if you need, let me know

Forums > Study > good experiences at KCEL?

They don't have good teachers.

I don't know your Chinese level, it's not a good choice for a beginner, but you will be fine if you have some learning experience already.
After all, not so many private schools could provide VISA, KCEL is OK if you can take care of yourself.

Forums > Living in Kunming > help with the student Visa

Hi there, I have received some news from some wechat groups. Some private Chinese schools said they could prepare student Visa for foreigners now. I really doubt about it.
Does anyone still in Kunming get any confirmed information about it?

Forums > Study > Chinese Lessons daily for 2 weeks only

Hi, Tim
I work in a mandarin school in Kunming, as a Chinese teacher.
I have been teaching Chinese as a foreign language for 6 years, especially I am good at TPR TEACHING, which is the best way to learn a new language for any beginners. JUST check TPR on the net and you will see.

I think I can answer all your questions about your plan, you can contact me if you like.



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