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Forums > Study > Are you interested in Chinese Corner?

P.S. I love mountains, and often camp in my 1965 VW bus in the nearby great mountains. Meditation, especially in mountains, by sea etc., is great for balancing modern destructive energies. Bob Marley helps too!

Forums > Study > Are you interested in Chinese Corner?

To nana71, I plan to be coming to Kunming in mid to late September and want to meet Chinese for friendship. From Thorn Bird of Lonely Planet it sounds pretty easy. I know only a little Putonghwa but speak Japanese. Was in China 2 weeks in 1985 but not Yunnan. Am friend of Dr. Bob Detrano who has NGO specializing in heart disease, especially Yunnan countryside. He has an office in Kunming, Met him on plane in 2007! I was a good friend of Henry Noyes who started China Books and Periodicals in the US back when the State Department blocked the funds he wanted to pay Guozi Shudian with!So I have a long interest in China. I will have up to 1 month. Seems Yunnan is a focus of my interest. Am interested in business opportunities, may want to live in China. Xiexie!


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Amazing! I have a friend in Japan who is studying the properties of tea and works in a tea-selling shop. I will tell her about this, thanks!Am still coming to Yunnan but not this fall, in the spring. BB 26 Jult 11


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