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Are you interested in Chinese Corner?

nana71 (21 posts) • 0

Hey, I'm Joanna——a Chinese teacher in school, and also local people in Kunming. I have experience to teach foreigners Chinese, my students from different countries. Now I try to organize a Chinese corner, just wish to offer more good chance to foreigners who want to communicate with Chinese people, improve your Chinese level. I'm wondering if any foreigners interested this activity?

My idea is every week I will give one topic, and then you'll need talk about this topic with Chinese people with Chinese. Most topics I will choose concern culture and daily life. Help you get know more Chinese culture and adapt China life better.

Welcome any suggestion or advice, if you interested in Chinese corner, don't be hesitate call me know more about information:
Joanna 13888018092 or email: [email protected]

tigertiger - moderator (5085 posts) • 0

Nice one Nana71.

It is really nice to see someone make an effort in this area. It may take you a little while to get it off the ground so be patient.

Perhaps one idea, and I am sure you will receive many, is to get permission to hold it in one of the cafes on/off Wenlin Jie. I suggest this for several reasons.

First, you will pick up some foreigners who just happen to be there for coffee.
Second, it will give some people and excuse to go for coffee or otherwise visit Wenlin Jie.
Third, it is near several universities where there are students of Mandarin.
Fourth, we can all find it easily.

Perhaps one of the Cafe owners can make an offer of space.

The key thing is that is should be convenient in both time and location.
I wish you every good luck, a great idea.

moondog (15 posts) • 0

we have a bar on wa cang lu and its very close to dong fang lu .Ive you need a nice place with many chairs and table.stop looking and call us 13888436787 moondog

nana71 (21 posts) • 0

Hi tigertiger,

I'm very appreciating your advice, it's very helpful. As you said I get a lot of reply from foreigners, they are really interested in Chinese corner. So I'll try to manage that. Welcome you join us too. Thanks~O(∩_∩)O~

nana71 (21 posts) • 0

Hey Moondog,

I'm very appreciate your generous to offer your bar space, I will consider that. By the way I think I know your boss so maybe I will talk to him directly. Or maybe you are boss who can sing" kiss goodbye" very well. hehe~~~Thanks!

KunmingSooner (1 post) • 0


I'm an American student studying abroad here and I would really enjoy practicing my Chinese with native speakers. Please let me know what you set up.

roberto (24 posts) • 0

Hi Joanna,
your idea sounds great, if you arrange it I will definitely join and few friends of mine will do the same, I can also help you to organize if you need...thanks keep in touch!

nana71 (21 posts) • 0

Hi KunmingSooner,

Glad to know you are interested in our Chinese corner, Now i'm looking for the right place to orgnize Chinese corner. I'll tell you soon. Next week will start, i will tell you address and time. Welcome you join us! You can contact me Joanna 13888018092 or [email protected]

nana71 (21 posts) • 0

Hi Roberto,

Thank you agree my idea, welcome you and your friends join us. I'm glad to hear you would like to help me, hope you can give me some good advices. You can contact me Joanna 13888018092 or [email protected]

Runestone (2 posts) • 0

To nana71, I plan to be coming to Kunming in mid to late September and want to meet Chinese for friendship. From Thorn Bird of Lonely Planet it sounds pretty easy. I know only a little Putonghwa but speak Japanese. Was in China 2 weeks in 1985 but not Yunnan. Am friend of Dr. Bob Detrano who has NGO specializing in heart disease, especially Yunnan countryside. He has an office in Kunming, Met him on plane in 2007! I was a good friend of Henry Noyes who started China Books and Periodicals in the US back when the State Department blocked the funds he wanted to pay Guozi Shudian with!So I have a long interest in China. I will have up to 1 month. Seems Yunnan is a focus of my interest. Am interested in business opportunities, may want to live in China. Xiexie!

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