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Forums > Living in Kunming > Anybody able to get a credit card here?

i have the same problem, boc told me i need to own an apt here, being a vip user or similar..if u consider that there is a law that limits the amount of rmb to be changed into foreign currencies by laowais and the difficulties to change rmb out of china all these problems make sense to me..but if anybody has a shortcut i would be very happy to know it, tks for sharing!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Dear Foreign Musicians

marc you have to be realistic, if a decent music scene didn't come up in 10 years you're not gonna see it soon/...rocket u right, not enough musicians in town and another bad thing, people leave so early, the time to set up a band and get a good sound and players are already leaving km, that's something bad on this city about steady cultural life...i dont think u can blame monkey gigs for that, actually they give space to performers who are not confident enough to jump on stage, they can practice with no pressure on a monkey show and then get things done and join a band..
bar jams are messy and often taken over by small groups,just they should be more organised by an host or something, back home you have a limited amount of time to perform and that makes things more enjoyable for performers and audience..
rocket I already wrote I support your idea, let's try to meet to talk about it in front of a beer and try to improve things, where and when would be good?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Dear Foreign Musicians

I agree with you, I support your idea and your prices also. Just you know many people tried to organize this kind of "union" before but it never worked.
Sometimes people needs money and they can work for less,but I think mostly some people might feel that they get less gigs than somebody else so they lower the price to be in.

How can we be sure that every musician in town get more or less the same load of monkey shows? and human greed is everywhere.....

Forums > Living in Kunming > looking for a golden retriever

I'm trying to get a golden retriever but I'm pretty disgusted by the conditions in which people who sells dogs on internet keep their animals on their houses.

Do you know any real dog lover who's looking for somebody to take care of a puppy? I'm also available to buy, thanks for contacting me at 13619621045, bye!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Strange characters in Chinese software

I'm not a geek but I have a lot of sw that symply cannot run on my english version of windows 7 (showing the kind of characters you mentioned) but work perfectly on the chinese one, so I recommend to install the two versions of windows 7 on your pc and maybe that should fix all issues...


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Im very happy (would say even proud!) to be one of the still resident foreigners who talked with joost about moondog when that was only an idea in his mind, to share during our gigs in town! It was only few years ago, now moondog is a km institution, that was an amazing work joost!

Litlle "critic" about this interview: not even a mention for the fussball, a brilliant idea that helped creating the mixed chinese/laowai crew which is one of the nicest and most precious contributions the bar gives to the city....long live joost and moondog!!!! See you soon back here joost!

low maintenance woman hahahaah!! That was great john.... also very nice and clean sound, good job from the recording team!

Congratulations to everybody who was involved in this great made in km project!

sorry guys but I still think this award is a joke... quality is not counting preferences, clicking links etc otherwise the best musicians ever will be m.jackson, the best film titanic or the best website facebook..most popular often doesn't mean the best...i gave an example nordica hosted few of the most interesting musicians coming to town and it's not even mentioned as a music venue...then if u call the price the best of gokunming i think it would b less pretentious, misleading and fair enough... peace roberto



Mc Donald's breakfast better than Prague Cafe? that's funny..I personally think Prague Cafe's cappuccino is the best in town...
exorbitant prices? whenever I try to cook some western food I spend more in buying the ingredients,they are amazingly expensive in km..
my rating:
service 5 stars
food quality 4 stars
atmosphere 5 stars
quality/price ratio 4 stars
menu selections 3 stars


Good place with one of the best pizzas in town (especially the white one with mushrooms), good yoghurt and cozy atmosphere.
To get it there,from jian she lu go along the wen lin jie until you find game cafe and dune cafe at your left, then take the narrow street at your left, you walk for 1 minute and you will see it at your right!
good luck :)


Totally agree with Barbara, I've been many times in Prague Cafe and I have to say:
-the cappuccino is the best you can get in town
- their breakfast offers, especially the fruit salad with yoghurt and granola never disappointed me
- the pasta is of course not authentically Italian but it's always cooked in the proper way and tasty (and it's not cheap to make a good pasta in kunming)
- the staff is absolutely friendly, efficient and nice (this is another thing not easy to get in town)
People are getting more and more picky in km, we should just remember we are in south west of china and considering the prices of foreign ingredients we should think to be lucky to get somebody available to provide foreign dishes (no western bars/restaurant gets rich in km).
Criticism is good when it's done to improve things, otherwise sounds just over the top and not respectful.


Had the same treatment as DanTheMan, came there to share a baguette with another person and both got kicked out in spite of the place was mostly empty, as far as I know it's the only place in km who has this kind of policy.
I guess management doesn't care because new random faces will often go there anyway, myself If I fancy western food I will head to Prague Cafe where quality and service are top.