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Have your say: Vote for the Best of Kunming 2011

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Voting is now officially underway for the Best of Kunming 2011 awards. From today through the end of the month, readers can vote for their favorite food, drink and entertainment spots around town.

To vote, log in and then place your vote here.

Here are the categories and nominees:

Food: Best Chinese Cuisine
1910 La Gare du Sud, Aiyouduoshen, Camel Bar Restaurant, Fuzhaolou, Gingko Elite, Kadilan, Laofangzi, Nianlun, Panlong 17, Shiping Huiguan, Xiangli Renjia, Xiao Dongtian Fandian

Food: Best International Cuisine
As You Like, The Box, Cacaja, España Restaurant, French Café, Game Café, Lost Garden, Moonlight Corner (Expo Garden), Pizza da Rocco, Prague Café, Salvador's Coffee House, Sandra's, Slice of Heaven, Wicker Basket (Hupan Zhi Meng)

Best Ethnic Minority Cuisine
Aini Fanzhuang (Aini), Daiyunfang (Dai), Dehong Ruanjia Dai Restaurant (Dai), Lahu Jiujia (Lahu), Laodianmian 320 Daiwei Canba (Dai), Makye Ame (Tibetan), Mangshi Dai Wei (Dai), Shangri-la Zanglong Yak Hotpot (Tibetan), Simao Yecai Guan (Hani, Wa), Xiangbala Yak Butter Teahouse – Xiyuan Lu Location (Tibetan), Xinjiang Tianshan Muslim Restaurant (Uighur), Yiyuan Nongjiacai (Yi)

Food: Best Fine Dining
1910 La Gare du Sud, Cacao Mexican Restaurant, España Restaurant, Flying Tigers Restaurant, Moonlight Corner (Expo Gardens), Moonlight Corner (Green Lake), My Favor Restaurant, Panlong 17, Sandra's

Food: Best New Restaurant
Cacao Mexican Restaurant, Camel Bar Restaurant, Flying Tigers Restaurant, Lost Garden, My Favor Restaurant

Drink: Best Coffee
As You Like, Coffee Break, Mazagran Café, Prague Café (Wenlin Jie), Prague Café (Beichen), Salvador's Coffee House, Vintage Café

Drink: Best Bar
1895 Movie Bar, 1896 Sports Bar, Camel Bar, Chapter One, Dune Café, Game Café, Halfway House, Moondog, The Box, The Mask, Tobacco

Entertainment: Best Live Music Venue
1895 Movie Bar, Camel Bar, The Hump Bar, Laba, Laowo Bar, Moondog, The Mask

Entertainment: Best Night Club
Babi, Soho, The Club, TOP ONE

Good luck to all the nominees!

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I would call this stuff the best of "gokunming" 2011..many good places are not mentioned at all, what about tgc nordica for live music?

bars are just laowai oriented... camel bar restaurant nominated as best Chinese cuisine, interesting...I can count maybe 20 more places in kunming where I had great chinese food and their names are not on the list..
sorry but this award is just too commercial, one star for you guys..


Please list your favorites so that we can check them out. Share the love...

Totally agree with Ian_Kunming !!!

sorry guys but I still think this award is a joke... quality is not counting preferences, clicking links etc otherwise the best musicians ever will be m.jackson, the best film titanic or the best website facebook..most popular often doesn't mean the best...i gave an example nordica hosted few of the most interesting musicians coming to town and it's not even mentioned as a music venue...then if u call the price the best of gokunming i think it would b less pretentious, misleading and fair enough... peace roberto


I think this is a fun initiative, and I think Roberto goes way over the line by calling it "pretentious and misleading". Of course a few places are not mentioned and it might be a bit "Laowai oriented", but Gokunming gives you a chance to nominate places yourself, so if you're obviously so fired up about it, Roberto, why didn't you do that? If you are obviously without any "Laowai oriented" biases, I'd be very interested in what kind of places you would nominate. To claim that this is some kind of commercial joke is also inappropriate and awkward, maybe in your next comment you could claim that it is all part of some kind of new world order conspiracy!

I agree with Roberto regarding the semantic issue of "best" versus "favorite", but who cares. We often make the linguistic gloss among friends that "This is the BEST..." when we mean its our favorite. Again, who cares. Its a website rating system of people's preferences. I'll tell you what, I make the best coffee in the world. I drink it everyday. Noone can tell me different...not Roberto...not GoKunming. My coffee wins "The Best of dtedheshi 2011". Noone can take that away from me! Noone!!! hahahaha!


what an incredibly ridiculous argument. this is a user-based website. best of kunming nominees were chosen by us, the users. to bitch about restaurants not being present that you want there is no one's fault but your own. if you want nordica to be the best music venue, no matter how ridiculous such a notion might be, you, a gokunming user, could have nominated it. i agree that the awards serve little purpose, but your argument against the award far surpasses the "best of" in ridiculousness.

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