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The energy of a teenager mixed with the soulfulness of an old blues man...Keep rocking John! Your friend and fellow musician. Steve



Hi Bojnin, I'm one of the owners of The Mask.
First of all I'm sorry for what happened last Saturday. As you said it was a very busy night. I remember seeing you outside, after you got punched, but I didn't see what happened before and honestly thought you got in a fight somewhere else.

One of my partners, Alex, saw the beginning of the fight and actually had an argument with the guy who punched you and asked him to leave. The man, or one of his friends, first tried to attack Alex then apologized to him and said they thought you were mocking them.
By the way, Alex is the one who gave you the bag of ice.
I guarantee you the bar is not ruled by hooligans and whenever we notice someone causing troubles we try to promptly deal with them. Having said that, I admit we are a bit short on staff and it is sometimes difficult to keep an eye on everything going on. Unfortunately, I believe a bouncer would cause even more problems since, for example, they can't deal with Chinese and foreigners in the same way.

When something like a fight happens, whether inside the bar or right outside, the best course of action would be to ask for one of the owners and, if necessary, we can deal with the police or simply ask the troublemakers to leave.
We try every day to create a safe and friendly environment for locals and foreigners to mingle and have fun.
I hope to see you back at the bar.