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Anybody able to get a credit card here?

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Both Guandong Development and Construction said that it's only possible for a foreigner to get a credit card (by which I mean Visa/MC, not Unionpay) if they own a company here.

Dan Mairen wrote about this three years ago. He said that some bank/s (didn't say which) told him that he could have a card if he deposited 50,000.
I wouldn't mind doing that, if there were no other way.


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Bank of China will issue a foreigner credit cards, took 6 weeks to process, but otherwise no problem.

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Will try them.

May I ask what you had to provide besides a passport?
Proof of income? House/car ownership/rental agreements?
Do you have an account with them?


pmort (18 posts) • 0

Proof of income, PSB forms, passport. Didn't need an account with them. HSBC wasn't offering credit cards from their km branch, last I checked.

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The thread from a few years back also said that HSBC is only corporate, so you need to deposit like half a mil before you can have an account/card.

Unionpay is useless outside China, which is what I need it for.

Went to Everbright and Communications today, both refused.
Went to BOC. They said I'd need proof of income, TAXES and address, but still insisted that basically I will not be approved for the card, especially if any of the documents is for less than three years.

Guess I'll try.
Or did anybody get HSBC personal?

Kernalpanx (74 posts) • 0

China Merchant Bank Union Pay Visa works for me world wide... Never had issues... UNION PAY Amex the same... Still have my Canadian issues Amex but rarely use it...

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