Old-school food stall specializing in dumplings, including Nanxiang-style Xiaolongbao soup dumplings.

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  • NameNanjing Snack
  • Address361 Renmin Dong Lu, Kunming
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Nanjing Snack • 361 Renmin Dong Lu

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I have heard a few places have opened in the past few years in shopping malls that are selling decent Nanxiang-style xiaolongbao dumplings, like you find in Shanghai. But, outside of those, this is the only place I've found in Kunming serving decent xiaolongbao. They're not quite as good as my favorite spots in Shanghai, but quite passable. So every once in a while, I make the sojourn to Renmin Dong Lu to gorge myself. A dozen served in a steamer tray cost 15 kuai. The place also has fried dumplings and some other decent street food.