Former Miaozhan Temple, under Shaolin Temple management until late 2029, free admission

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  • NameGuandu Shaolin Temple
  • AddressGuandu Nan Lu, inside Guandu Old Town, Kunming
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Guandu Shaolin Temple • Guandu Nan Lu, inside Guandu Old Town

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I practiced there for a few weeks but unforntunately I had to stop, due to relocation.
It's a good school but what I didn't like was the Martial Arts blend between traditional kungfu and modern wushu, similar to the Henan one.
But I still like it for the good exercise, staff and classmates.

I am not sure if there are actually some real kungfu monks, so if you are looking for the full martial package, you might get disappointed, as almost anywhere in China.

Be aware that practice is not in the temple but in a kungfu school one block away

That said, it is in my opinion the best choice in Kunming to practice the closest to real martial arts (besides taiji). And it's very reasonably priced.


Have been training in Shaolin gongfu at the temple for a few months now. The training is very traditional,NOT modern performance wushu. The monks and temple employees are very friendly and welcoming. The temples are quiet and peaceful, free from the hordes of tourists that visit the Songshan Shaolin Temple. Cost of training is negotiable.
As an opportunity to study Shaolin gongfu with real Shaolin monks without going to Henan, the Guandu Temples can't be beat.


Not worth a visit in itself, but combined with the three other temples nearby, it's well worth seeing if you're in Guandu Old Town, especially considering that there's no entrance fee. The bigger crowds than at the Bamboo temple and the Western Hills temples make for some fun people watching opportunities.


A pleasant enough temple managed by friendly Shaolin monks. Needs more spontaneous kung fu brawls.

The temple is nestled in the back of Guandu old town, which makes for a nice afternoon out of the city center, although it is surrounded by lots of "new" fake old shopfronts.

Just take the 46 bus to the Guandu Dong Lu stop (官渡东路站) and you're pretty much there... a cab from the city center runs around 35 yuan.