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The dude in the article is me. :)
I don't entirely disagree...I am happier with the kung fu training I get with my teacher back in the States than what I found during my brief time in China. But the atmosphere/cultural experience of training in China is a worthwhile experience in itself.

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Hey Ryan,
Sorry for the late response...don't check in much now that I've left Kunming.

Sha Wushu offers sanda classes which I think would be decent for a beginner, but if you have previous experience with sanda/sanshou you will probably be disappointed.

I was studying some sanda while I was training at the Guandu Shaolin Temple with monk Shi Heng Bo. He's a good, enthusiastic teacher, with decent skills and a hands-on training approach. Best kung fu teacher I managed to find in Kunming. The downside is the commute and the lack of a class full of training/sparring partners.

Good luck.

Forums > Study > Guandu Shaolin Temple

HI Habanero,

Sorry, but I haven't heard anyone mention hung gar here. It's a big city and I'm sure someone knows it, but I don't know about schools.

Chinese styles that I'm aware of here are Taiji, Tongbei, Xingyi, Bagua, Shaolin, Modern Wushu, and Sanda.

There are several non-Chinese martial arts available as well: karate, taekwondo, judo, boxing, brazilian ju jitsu...
Of all these styles the Shaolin would have the most in common with Hung gar, but sometimes different is a good thing.
Good luck!


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Have been training in Shaolin gongfu at the temple for a few months now. The training is very traditional,NOT modern performance wushu. The monks and temple employees are very friendly and welcoming. The temples are quiet and peaceful, free from the hordes of tourists that visit the Songshan Shaolin Temple. Cost of training is negotiable.
As an opportunity to study Shaolin gongfu with real Shaolin monks without going to Henan, the Guandu Temples can't be beat.