Salvador's is Kunming's premier coffee house and offers a wide selection of homemade ice creams, fresh juices and western dishes. Salvador's is also home of the best 4-hour happy hour in town!

Sal's kitchen stops taking orders at 10:30pm and the coffee house closes at 11pm.

Listing info
  • NameSalvador's Coffee House
  • Address76 Wenhua Xiang, Wenlin Jie, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65363525
  • Hours9am-11:30pm
  • HAPPY HOUR4-8pm
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Salvador's Coffee House • 76 Wenhua Xiang, Wenlin Jie

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The upper deck is a bit dark but the atmosphere is okay for friendly talking but not surfing internet through Wi-fi. Music is good and not too loud (unlike Vintage) and good choices of light music rather than songs and mind-blowing hip-hop music. My suggestion is to set up a smoke-free corner but it could be difficult as I noted that 80% of the customers smoke in the cafe!!! It is too dark to read a book in the upper deck as the lighting is dim!!! It is because the cafe is "long" while other cafes (e.g. Vintage, Prague and Mazagran) are "wide" (if you get what I mean). However, it is a good place for friendly gathering and talking.


My family and i really enjoy Salvadors. The food is good and generally consistent which is not always easy to find in China. The coffee is also good as is the icecream .More importantly the beer is cold!

For those new to Kunming i would take some reviews about poor service from Salvadors with a grain of salt. You are now living in Jamaica and nothing happens in a hurry. Just try doing business here! My family and i find the service good by Chinese standards and if you happen to get

forgotten ask the girls and they will try and fix the problem.

One complaint: what the bloody hell happened to the wasabi chicken and mushroom bagel melt!

Advice: (for what its worth), get rid of wifi so all the tables aren't taken up by individuals cruising the net and sitting on a cup of coffee all afternoon.

Thought: Have taken an interest in the food and drink reviews. Have noticed that Bernie is not backward in coming forward with complaints about restuarants. Would

be good to know what and where you do like Bernie.


The service is not the best, but the food more than makes up for it.

I would especially recommend the Mexican food (the cheese quesadilla and salsa is only 14 kuai!), but any of the bagel sandwiches, breakfast meals, pastas, etc. are good.

The ice cream is also great and you can't go wrong for only 10 kuai!

The Happy Hour specials are great too.

Beware that Salvador's is often totally packed during the main dinner rush, though.

You might want to have a back up plan.


I have always had a good experience at Salvador's.

The atmosphere and food is pretty good.

The customer service can be hit and miss at times, but the nice fuwuyuans make up with it with their smiles.

The work environment is obviously nice for them.

Some suggestions would be to clean the bathroom more regularly and maybe a little better lighting to make it easier to study!