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Silver Spoon is the BEST western restaurant by far in Kunming. Everytime I have been there, the food and service were excellent. In comparison to other restaurants of similar style it is a bit pricey but well worth it.


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I have always had a good experience at Salvador's.

The atmosphere and food is pretty good.

The customer service can be hit and miss at times, but the nice fuwuyuans make up with it with their smiles.

The work environment is obviously nice for them.

Some suggestions would be to clean the bathroom more regularly and maybe a little better lighting to make it easier to study!


There is no doubt that Silver Spoon is the best western restaurant in Kunming, hands down, put a fork in it.

Excellent salads and a ruben to make you want to drive back the States and slap your mom.


I have found this place to be excellent in customer service and food.

The manager is always attentive and ensures that you will get the right order.


I have found this place to be sub-par in customer service and food quality.

The three times i have eaten there, I have had to repeatedly question the fuwuyuans where my food was.

If you don't order at the front desk, forget about it.

The food is bad in general.

The last time I was there, thinking I would give them a "third" chance, I ordered the chicken salad sandwich.

It was more of a mayonnaise sandwich.

I expect more from a western restaurant.