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Gongbao Jiding

yankee00 (1632 posts) • 0

Do you have any suggestions of places that sell authentic gongbao jiding in the center or the north of Kunming? Many places i've been to don't do it with the original ingredients or sauce and i've been craving some for a while now.

kingofthekerb (131 posts) • 0

I've literally just had it once in Kunming, a place near the New century town that probably doesn't exist anymore. Good jiding is hard to find

atwillden (109 posts) • 0

yankee—what was in the original ingredients? There was a pretty awesome place on Xuefulu, and one near the south train station that both seemed pretty authentic when I tried them.

yankee00 (1632 posts) • 0

@atwillden, is the place on Xuefu lu still there?

The ones I used to have in Beijing and Chengdu had a mildly hot paste, diced chicken, dried chilli, peanuts, leek, spices like huajiao, and sometimes with diced cucumber and carrots.

From what I had in Kunming, the ones that caught my attention were made with bony chicken pieces, green soybeans and dried chilli (everything looked brown), and another one that basically was a plain chopsuey!

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