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Watch repair

iTeach (96 posts) • +2

this guy,,Liu Yaoguang,,fixed my watch just recently and operates from his kiosk on Wenlin Jie almost daily.

michael2015 (577 posts) • -2

if it's just battery replacement - you can buy both batteries and wrenches online from tabao et al. Just make sure you blow out any humidified air before you reassemble. You can buy dry nitrogen canisters online (they also use them at computer repair stores) or in a lurch - just use a hairdryer...

bucko (672 posts) • -10
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"Good enough for me?" Frankly I could care less. I was just making a suggestion.

You struck me as a cheap charlie that can't just go buy another one.
Get a life man.

Dazzer (2708 posts) • +1

perhaps you think about why it was downvoted. i can see it and i aint that bright and i didnt downvote it

Merzei (101 posts) • +1

Thank you @iteach and @michael 2015 (I saw nothing wrong with your post. I don't think I have the skills/patience to do it myself but all helpful suggestions welcome).

I confess I haven't had time (no pun intended) to do it yet but this weekend I will try Tiger or iTeach's suggestion and I'll post back here with the results

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