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Watch repair

Andrew_AWS (34 posts) • 0

I need to get a wind-up watch repaired. It should be an easy job for someone who has a lot of spare parts - the small winding/adjustment wheel in the side has broken off and needs replaced. Can anyone recommend a shop that does watch repairs?

YuantongsiYuantongsi (717 posts) • 0

I also recommend the watch repair shop on the second floor in the Gingko Department store. Corner of Beijing and Dongfang.

Andrew_AWS (34 posts) • 0

Thanks all. I also heard you can get repairs done in the same building as the Wallmart in Xiao Xi Men. In the end I went to the guy behind the bus stop on wenlin jie, he fixed it.

Merzei (101 posts) • 0

Hi all.

I have a wind up watch that needs repairing. The leather (?) strap has worn away, the time has stopped and the little dial that sets time and date has come off (but I still have it).

I'm resurrecting this post because it is 5 years old and I was just wondering if any of the places were still open or if anyone has a better/different recommendation especially in the North.

Thank you for any responses!

Merzei (101 posts) • +3

Because I like the watch, it was a gift and has sentimental value, it can most likely be easily fixed and for cheaper than the price of a new watch.

Good enough for you?

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