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no party in kunming?

Zoey Chow (10 posts) • 0

I'm new here with my bf. I'm a freelancer so doesn't have many chance to meet same people and be friends with them, and always want to do that. I've checked Kunming's event, and almost all of them are ads/promotions, no real event for me. Anyone knows where else can I find some interesting events?

tigertiger - moderator (5092 posts) • 0

I have the same problem. From what I have seen, there are only a few ways to meet people and make friends.

This week, huzzar!, someone is organising tequila bowling. See classifieds for that one.

Other than that, unless you regularly haunt one of the bars, or haunt a church (no way), go to Toastmasters, or find work.
I avoid English corners as I get a lot of friends who want something. Unless the English corner has a lot of expats.

I too would like to find more ways to meet people. It would be nice to know if there are any 'clubs'/regular gatherings out there.

And again, the tequila bowling, great idea.

mPRin (821 posts) • 0

They usually have a pub quiz, it's not running at the moment because people have been away for the holidays, but it should start again soon. Keep an eye on the events section! :)

tallamerican (396 posts) • 0

I totally agree with tigertiger. Think Kunming is a little difficult to meet people and make friends if one is a little advanced in age. Bowling is great but not sure about tequila bowling. When i lived in Beihai it was smaller and every morning 10-20 foreigners would gather between 8-10 for breakfast, coffee or just conversation at the one and only McDonalds. Often times we would leave together to help each other with some of china's challenges one or maybe all of us were facing. I would for sure be interested in meeting more people.

lawlz0mg (201 posts) • 0

I've been here for quite a few years, i'd like to meet up with some long term foreigners. i'd prefer to avoid foreign bars, or cafe's. If you're up for a meal or coffee, shoot me a message.

HFCAMPO (3062 posts) • 0

I have been here for 10 years and arrived when I was 39 years old. It has been difficult to meet foreigners of my own age because most that I have met have been much older then I. Now that I am 49 it is still not so easy to meet foreigners because of the age difference. I like to travel often and I do not drink or got to bars so this too has become an obstacle. Few times I did travel with some old guys we had to stop at a watering hole every 500 meters and had to perform CPR so they dont have a heart attack.

lawlz0mg (201 posts) • 0

HFCAMPO I'm 24 years old, but would love to meet up and have a chat. If you're free shoot me a message, can grab some lunch or coffee at a chinese owned business.

yankee00 (1632 posts) • 0

I think the biggest challenge would be to find people with same interests, otherwise you'll soon give up in a city that already has fewer expats

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

Hard to meet people here? I can't figure out what you're talking about. Ageism? Less than I've seen almost everywhere else.

Zoey Chow (10 posts) • 0

@yankee00 well then i guess it'll be more difficult for me to meet people here. because I stay for most time and am interested in history, society, politics and new technology. not many people are into those. and i'm sick of stereotyped girl's talk such as clothes, makeup etc that makes this even more difficult

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