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When's the rain going to stop?

Adrian (14 posts) • 0

It looks like by early afternoon there will be a momentary reprieve, but the ever-so reliable forecast says more rain later tonight.

bjtokm (193 posts) • 0

Just back from chengdu, we got to the train station this AM at 800. It was raining like crazy, took us like 45 min to find a taxi! Then traffic was super bad...flooding everywhere, streets closed, cars siting with water well above the wheels...it took us almost 2 hours to get home (not far from the metro)! Our taxi just about stalled in some deep water trying to get up on the ring road! I would stay home today !! hahah

Danmairen (510 posts) • 0

Saw some pictures on CCTV Whatever from Kunming. Looked pretty bad. Could only see the roof of some cars. This month we had 10 days of consecutive rain here in western Yunnan and I can't even remember just a few hours of respite during that. Luckily our river seems really good at soaking everything up.

lemon lover (903 posts) • 0

Well Liumingke1234 the drought is not over.
19 cm of rain is only in some places. The South of Kunming hardly got any. The flooding are not so much caused by the amount of rain fall but by the amount of runoff. The ground is so dry that it hardly absorbs water and the result is that it runs off. Gravity dictates that it goes to the lowest places and that is where the floodings were. Also some reservoirs might be refilled it does not mean that ground water levels are replenished. Droughts are here to stay.

yankee00 (1632 posts) • 0

I am wondering if it is safe to buy vegetables at the market after the flood.

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